9:00 a.m. Morning Briefing

The Shaw Group has completed the pad site on the North side of Highway 70 near the tower. The equipment is being moved to the Triche property today to begin on the pad site there. Shaw is hoping to start driving the casing on Tuesday. They are currently working on contractual issues with individual companies.

The geo-probe process is also expected to begin on Tuesday. According to the plan, there will be 4 geo-probe locations on the outer perimeter of the North side property, 6 locations on the Triche property, and they are still working with the residents on additional locations within the community.

Texas Brine has completed installing the 4″ casing. They are now in the process of dismantling the snubbing unit and are expected to complete that process today.

The dynamics of the sinkhole have not changed as of yesterday afternoon. Texas Brine is expected to resume with the removal of the vegetation within the sinkhole on Monday. Please be aware that the diesel smell will be heightened due to this task and the “stirring up of things”.


9:15 a.m. Morning Update

It has been confirmed that gas bubbles are present in the T’Loc Canal between Grand Bayou and Pierre Part. There is not enough concentration to pull samples, but observation monitoring will be done.

The resident briefing is scheduled for today at 10 a.m. Thr briefing will be held at the St. Joseph the Worker Church Hall in Pierre Part. All State agencies are expected to be present.

3:40 p.m. USGS Responds to Reported Tremors in Pierre Part

The Assumption OEP received reports this morning of tremors felt in Pierre Part. Dr. Stephen Horton was contacted immediately and responsed that there was no seismic activity recorded during the reported time periods that would have been felt here locally in Bayou Corne, much less in Pierre Part. If residents in Pierre Part, or any local area, experience anything out of the ordinary, they are advised to report them to OEP, 985-369-7386 or submit a report directly to USGS by visiting: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/dyfi/form.php?enabled=false so that USGS can be contacted to cross reference.

12:30 p.m. Website Change

A change has been made to the Bayou Corne information on the Assumption Parish Police Jury website…


The link above has been modified to include links to maps that have been provided by the Assumption OEP. This page also contains presentations that have been made available to us at publc meetings specific to this event.

The FAQ page, http://assumptionla.com/bayoucorne/FAQ, is being update presently, as well.

9:15 a.m. Morning Update

We have not yet received any data from any tests that have been run since the cavern was entered on Saturday. We assure that this information will be shared upon receipt.

You may see increased traffic this weekend as the snubbing rig is moved out. Again, we don’t anticipate a road closure; however, there may be intermittent traffic stops as equipment moves out from the drilling site.

You will also begin seeing activity associated with the vent well drilling, next week on property along Highway 70. Materials (gravel, board road equipment, casing, etc…) as well as equipment will be moving in and The Shaw Group expects to be driving casing during the week after next. This site will be manned 24/7 and The Shaw Group will also be moving a mobile office to Bayou Corne at the Command Post.

The resident briefing is still scheduled for tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. We are closely watching the weather forecast. Should we feel that the weather may be an issue, the briefing will be moved to the St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church Hall in Pierre Part. This decision will be made soon and posted to the blog. A notification call will be sent out to residents, as well.