12:38 pm Supplies at POD Site

A new truck with supplies has arrived at the POD site in Lucky Hit Shopping Center. The truck contains water, mre’s, coffee and gerber graduate snacks. This truck is from the Baton Rouge Food Bank!

10:30 a.m. Sinkhole Update

The Assumption OHSEP command post has been moved back to Bayou Corne. Other state agencies have advised that they will be moving back as well. Command post operations will resume on Tuesday. We have also been advised that drilling may start as early as this afternoon.

3:45 p.m. Road Closure Link

For information regarding road closures throughout the state, please visit the link below:


The will show road closures at the locations listed below:

Baton Rouge cameras
New Orleans cameras
Lafayette cameras
Lake Charles cameras
Shreveport cameras
Houma cameras
Monroe cameras

DOTD Customer Service – 877-452-3683 – DOTDCS@la.gov