9:15 a.m. Morning Update

We have not yet received any data from any tests that have been run since the cavern was entered on Saturday. We assure that this information will be shared upon receipt.

You may see increased traffic this weekend as the snubbing rig is moved out. Again, we don’t anticipate a road closure; however, there may be intermittent traffic stops as equipment moves out from the drilling site.

You will also begin seeing activity associated with the vent well drilling, next week on property along Highway 70. Materials (gravel, board road equipment, casing, etc…) as well as equipment will be moving in and The Shaw Group expects to be driving casing during the week after next. This site will be manned 24/7 and The Shaw Group will also be moving a mobile office to Bayou Corne at the Command Post.

The resident briefing is still scheduled for tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. We are closely watching the weather forecast. Should we feel that the weather may be an issue, the briefing will be moved to the St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church Hall in Pierre Part. This decision will be made soon and posted to the blog. A notification call will be sent out to residents, as well.