9:00 a.m. Morning Briefing

The Shaw Group has completed the pad site on the North side of Highway 70 near the tower. The equipment is being moved to the Triche property today to begin on the pad site there. Shaw is hoping to start driving the casing on Tuesday. They are currently working on contractual issues with individual companies.

The geo-probe process is also expected to begin on Tuesday. According to the plan, there will be 4 geo-probe locations on the outer perimeter of the North side property, 6 locations on the Triche property, and they are still working with the residents on additional locations within the community.

Texas Brine has completed installing the 4″ casing. They are now in the process of dismantling the snubbing unit and are expected to complete that process today.

The dynamics of the sinkhole have not changed as of yesterday afternoon. Texas Brine is expected to resume with the removal of the vegetation within the sinkhole on Monday. Please be aware that the diesel smell will be heightened due to this task and the “stirring up of things”.