12:55 p.m. Statement from Texas Brine, re: South Berm

Today, in discussion with and approval from DNR and APOEP, Texas Brine
has received permission to proceed with temporary repair work to the south berm in order to raise the height of the berm to protect against any immediate potential for overtopping due to subsidence. As part of this discussion, TBC has agreed to move forward with planning and submission of Emergency Use Authorizations and engineering designs for the installation
of a new southern containment structure. TBC will then proceed with the installation of this new southern containment system once the requisite permission and approvals have been received from DNR, DEQ, and APOEP.

The current south berm and containment system is still intact and
providing a continuous barrier between the waters inside and out of the sinkhole, but in an abundance of caution and due to recent seismic and
settlement activity the decision has been made to move forward with these new plans in order to ensure the long term containment of the sinkhole and any contaminants. TBC will also install two additional inclinometers
south of the current southern berm to provide additional data and early
warning of any movement due to subsidence in this area. Multiple layers of boom are also in place as redundant systems to provide protection against floating contaminants should any overtopping take place. Water quality testing is continuing to take place and consistently shows that the surface water quality within the containment berm is virtually the same as waters outside the containment berm.