9:05 a.m. Update

Statement from Texas Brine:

As reported on the Parish Blog, some cracking was observed over the weekend on portions of the South Berm. Currently there is one main crack that is approximately 3.5″ wide that crosses the South Berm with some additional smaller cracks also appearing in proximity to this location. The Geotextile liner and clay cap remain unbroken ensuring the barrier between the sinkhole and outside environment remains intact.

It’s unclear at this time if the increased seismic activity detected over the past week is related to this cracking. Additional interpretation of the data from the newly installed seismic arrays is being performed in order to better understand the location and magnitude of this seismic activity along with any connection it may have to the cracking.

Response personnel will continue to monitor for any further expansion or movement of the soil and southern berm and plans are already in place to repair the berm once the seismic activity level around the sinkhole subsides and it is deemed safe to work. Additional updates and information will be provided as necessary.