7:25 p.m. Update from the Office of Conservation

Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Response Activity
Tuesday, Oct. 1 work-
Sinkhole Activity Code 2 – elevated – increase in number of Very Long Profile seismic activity, generally associated with movement of gas/fluid below sinkhole, in area of sinkhole/Oxy 3 cavern – requires halting all work directly on sinkhole

Sub-slab Sampling and Ventilation
– Conducting ventilation system inspections.

– Monitoring pump drawdown tests of OGRW 1 (Oxy 2 well pad), ORW 9 (west of containment berm), ORWs 39 and 40 (north of containment berm)
– Removing water from ORWs 2 and 21 (north of La. 70, west of Texas Brine facility)
– Installing CPT 91 (west of Bayou Corne, south of La. 70)
– Continuing test of DPVE 47 (access road west of containment berm)
– Collecting water samples from industrial water wells

Containment Berm/Roads/Sinkhole
– Working over OG water well 2 (Oxy 2 well pad)
– Collecting water samples from containment berm discharge outfalls