1:35 p.m. DPVE Informational Update

In response to concerns raised by members of the community in regard to the potential for subsidence possibly associated with the Dual Phase Vacuum Extraction (DPVE) program discussed at the most recent public meetings, Assumption Parish OEP Incident Command and the Office of Conservation have determined that additional analysis is warranted, given the sensitive nature of this program due to its location within a community. Though the DPVE process has not been associated with significant subsidence in the experience of consultants contracted by the Office of Conservation, the decision has been made, following technical discussions this week in which Texas Brine made reference preliminary results of its own subsidence calculations, to delay shallow DPVE system installation and testing in the community until subsidence impacts and the potential need for additional measures to ensure safe removal of gas from the shallow subsurface can be evaluated. This does not affect the requirement to continue the ongoing effort to maximize efficiency of gas removal from the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer.

To that end, Conservation is directing Texas Brine to provide a written report documenting the subsidence calculation results so that more detailed analysis can be performed , as well as the company’s plans regarding the installation and testing of the shallow DPVE system in the Bayou Corne community, on or before close of business on Friday, October 4.