9:25 a.m. Community Member Joins Blue Ribbon Commission

Bayou Corne community member Bob Deaton has joined the Blue Ribbon Commission on Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Safety to support and supplement the efforts of BRC members and Bayou Corne community representative J.C. Chamberlin in ensuring that the group has representation and input from those directly affected by the ongoing situation near Bayou Corne. In addition to having been active and engaged in public discussions on the issues of the sinkhole, gas in the aquifer and stability in the area, Deaton earned master’s degrees in electrical engineering from MIT and in business administration from Northwestern University in Chicago prior to more than 30 years experience with ExxonMobil in technical and management positions, designing and planning safe and efficient operations for projects up to more than $1 billion in scale. DNR Secretary Stephen Chustz, GOHSEP Director Kevin Davis, Commissioner of Conservation Jim Welsh, and Incident Commander Boudreaux welcome the new addition to the effort to set the benchmarks that will allow those who wish to return to Bayou Corne to do so safely.