12:10 p.m. Update

Texas Brine has reported to us that their MIP/HTP unit will be working next to BC-2 tomorrow on Sauce Piquante St. This unit is a Geoprobe unit that hammers a rod down and has a FlameIonized detector (FID) and Photo ionized detector (PID) that can detect methane gas or hydrocarbons. This information may be useful in determining the presence of gas in the immediate area.

Also Texas Brine will hold a informational meeting on CPT on tomorrow August 8th at 6:00 p.m. at the Command Trailer in Bayou Corne to go over the information that is being collected by these units.

Lastly, Texas Brine has reported that a low-flying helicopter will flyover the community on Monday and Tuesday of next week to complete another Electro Magnetic Survey of the entire area.