2:00 p.m. Activity Update from the Office of Conservation

Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Response Activity

Friday, Aug. 2 work-

Sinkhole Activity Code 1 – lowest level, indicating little seismic activity detected near sinkhole/Oxy 3

– Continuing sub-slab pressure monitoring at 107 Crawfish Stew, 135 Crawfish Stew, 1418 Jambalaya and 1433 Sauce Piquante

– Installing upright for sub-slab ventilation system at 116 Crawfish Stew



– Conducting depth logging, measurement of temperature/pressure/density in Oxy 3A

– Removing water on ORW 26 (south side of La. 70, west of Texas Brine facility)

– Installing pressure transducers in ORW

– Completing CPT-62 (north side of La. 70, west of Texas Brine facility)

– Re-completing CPT 102W (south of sinkhole containment berm, east of Bayou Corne)

– Installing pressure transducers in OGRW 1 (Oxy Geismar 2 well pad), ORW 13 (Oxy 10 well pad), ORW 15 (north side of La. 70, west of Texas Brine facility) and ORW 22 (north side of La. 70, just east of Gumbo Street)

– Continuing taking water level measurements of industrial water wells and aquifer monitoring wells


Containment Berm/Roads/Sinkhole

– Performing density tests on south berm

– Placing limestone and clay

– Shoring up slopes on west berm with excavator