2:30 p.m. Update

Texas Brine has reported to us that they are beginning the next Observation Vent Well (ORW 38) which is north of the BC-2 pressure well on Sauce Piquante Lane. We have not been presented with any other specific plans for the area; however, it’s our understanding that they are being developed. We will update once information becomes available. 


2:40 p.m. Elevation Data

Below is a link to elevation data provided to us by Texas Brine. 

Elevation Data

Data from surveys (taken of wells, monuments, geoprobe wells and other landmarks) in February, March and May of this year is contained in this report. 

1:15 p.m. Update

Texas Brine has reported to us that the Oxy 3 cavern floor is now at 3,793′, which is an 18′ rise from last week’s tagging. According to the information we have, this would mean that there is 143′ left to fill the cavern to it’s roof. We will post additional information as it becomes available.

11:30 a.m. Presence of Gas Found During Under-slab Monitoring

Texas Brine has reported to us that two additional homes (that had not previously been monitored) have undergone under-slab monitoring and the presence of gas has been found – 100% LEL and traces of H2S. Texas Brine will advise what additional steps will be taken to mitigate the presence of gas from the underneath of these slabs. No changes have been made to the evacuation order and we will update as information becomes available. 

1:40 p.m. Update

Texas Brine has reported to us that Oxy Cavern 3 floor has dropped another 32′ since last Friday’s tagging. This is 61′ over the past two weeks, which now gives 161′ left unfilled. It is unknown why this is occurring now, but weekly monitoring shall continue. We will continue to post this information as it becomes available.

9:30 a.m. Area of Berm Subsides

On the south side of the sink hole there was an area that has subsided to include the berm. There is approximately 400 to 500 feet of the berm that is now under water. The depth to the top of the berm is 3’9″ at it’s deepest point. Also, the trees on the Southwest side are showing signs of sinking, some up to 10′ in depth.

We hope to have aerial video by the end of the day.