6:30 p.m. Advisory from the Office of Conservation

The Office of Conservation, in consultation with Assumption Parish Incident Command, is advising the public that Conservation-ordered under-slab sampling by Texas Brine under three Bayou Corne community properties Wednesday indicated that two of the properties had concentrations of natural gas below the structure foundations that were above normal background levels. The sampling was conducted by installing quarter-inch tubing through a hole drilled through each structure’s concrete slab to draw a gas sample from the soil immediately underlying the home or building. The gas samples taken Tuesday are being sent on for testing to verify their makeup. Indoor air monitors installed at the locations where the under-slab soil was sampled did not indicate indoor concentrations of natural gas within the structures.
These initial under-slab results, combined with observations of natural gas working its way to surface at low pressure in the area through even shallow surface penetrations, appear to verify the need for Conservation’s previous and standing directives to Texas Brine requiring not only installation of indoor monitoring for all property owners who allow it, but testing of under-slab areas and crawlspaces below structures for natural gas and installation of ventilations systems for all property owners who allow it. The Office of Conservation and Assumption Parish Incident Command continue to advise property owners who have not allowed installation of monitoring equipment or under-slab ventilation systems to do so.