3:00 p.m. Additional Info Regarding Bayou Lafourche Dye Test

Message from the Bayou Lafourche Fresh Water District:

Just a reminder about the Bayou Lafourche Fresh Water District and LA Dept of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) dye test on Bayou Lafourche tomorrow.  We will be injecting the dye into the bayou around 8:00 am in the vicinity of Fresh Catch/ Cafe Lafourche north of the railroad tracks in Donaldsonville. 

The dye will be red in color to begin with the color dropping off to a dull reddish color then fading out completely further south. LDEQ has specialized monitors that will detect the dye further south. 

This will be the first of four dye tests. This one will consist of running two pumps and will measure the time of travel between Donaldsonville and Napoleonville. The second leg of the two pump test will have the dye injected in the Napoleonville area with the monitors spaced out from there to the Lefort Canal  approximately 5 miles south of Thibodaux. The third and fourth tests will repeat the injection and monitor sites but we will be using three pumps when the river level permits.