5:00 p.m. Info from DNR

The Office of Conservation is advising the public that a large “burp” event was recorded at the sinkhole shortly after 3 a.m on the morning of Sunday, March 17, related to the recent period of elevated deep seismic activity around the failed Oxy 3 cavern and the sinkhole. As has happened in past events, such as the period of elevated seismic activity that preceded the Jan. 19 “burp” event, the recent period of elevated activity was observed for several days prior to a sinkhole event. Though the deep subsurface activity appears to have calmed significantly, Conservation’s contracted experts continue to note shallower seismic activity likely related to slumping of the sinkhole sides and water movement in the sinkhole and immediately below it. Monitoring is constantly ongoing in the area and Conservation will advise the public of significant changes in subsurface conditions.