5:00 p.m. Update from DNR

The Office of Conservation is advising the public that 3D seismic signals (active seismic) for the survey of the Bayou Corne/Napoleonville Salt Dome area is scheduled to begin as early as Sunday, March 17. The 3D seismic signals will be picked up by the CERI helicorders used to monitor the area for subsurface movement in the area of the salt dome. Seismic experts contracted by Conservation, including Dr. Steve Horton with USGS and Dr. Will Pettitt with Itasca Group, will be analyzing the monitoring data to separate out seismic events associated with subsurface movement from the 3D seismic active signals. Drs. Horton and Pettitt are assuring the public that the 3D seismic active signals will not in any way diminish the effectiveness of the seismic monitoring at the site, and have advised that they can readily separate out subsurface movement events from the 3D seismic active signals. The 3D seismic work will involve generating up to 300 active seismic signal events per day, and will be generating those active signals only during daylight hours.