6:05 p.m. DNR Field Update

Office of Conservation
Bayou Corne Field Update
Jan. 22, 2013 Activities

Texas Brine Operations

Oxy 3-A Cavern Well –
Shut in, monitoring pressure

Texas Brine Facility Vent Well to Top of Aquifer (RW 1 on Oxy 2 well pad) –
Flaring gas at 20.3 mcf in AM — Shut in during ongoing seismic work in PM

Texas Brine Facility Vent Well to Top of Cap Rock (RW 2 on Oxy 2 well pad) –
Shut in pending plug and abandon

Texas Brine Facility Geophone Well (Between Oxy 2 & original Oxy 3 well pads) –
Ongoing monitoring for seismic activity, data available at http://folkworm.ceri.memphis.edu/heli_temp/

Texas Brine Facility Shallow Pressure Monitoring (TBC 1-3)

TBC 1 (Original Oxy 3 well pad)
Tubing Pressure: 39 psig
Casing Pressure: 17 psig

TBC 2 (Original Oxy 3 well pad)
Tubing Pressure: 56 psig
Casing Pressure: 12 psig

TBC 3 (Oxy 1 well pad)
Tubing Pressure: 0 psig
Casing Pressure: 0 psig

Sinkhole Site –
Monitoring status of sinkhole area

Conservation/Shaw Operations

ORW 1 Vent Well (North of Hwy 70)–
Flaring gas at 4.57 mcf/day

ORW 2 Vent Well (North of Hwy 70)
Flaring gas at 7.64 mcf/day

ORW 3 Vent Well (West of Bayou Corne) –
Remains in monitoring status, set up to vent/flare natural gas if concentrations are observed around wellbore

ORW 4 Vent Well (South of Hwy 70) –
Flaring gas at 2 mcf/day

Bayou Corne Community

Bayou Corne Community Aquifer Monitoring Wells (BC 1-2)

BC 1
Texas Brine reports awaiting landowner access to reach proposed site

BC 2
Tubing Pressure : 53 psig
Casing Pressure: 13 psig

Other Actions in Near-Term on Office of Conservation Directives

In status updates to Office of Conservation, Texas Brine reports:

Work ongoing to improve rig road west of sinkhole to allow for installation of vent well (ORW 5) and geophone well (G 03) and provide sinkhole containment

Began geotechnical borings on Texas Brine facility in preparation for installation of permanent sinkhole containment system

10 indoor air monitors (LEL and H2S monitors) installed in Bayou Corne community structures to date; 10 more currently scheduled

Field surveying for 3-D seismic continuing

Vibroseismic truck-mounted vibration generator continued work in conjunction with surface seismic stations, Texas Brine facility geophone well and USGS monitoring stations