3:00 p.m. DNR Field Update

Office of Conservation
Bayou Corne Field Update
Jan. 10, 2013 Activities

Texas Brine Operations

Oxy 3-A Cavern Well –

  • Shut in, Vertical Seismic Profile being conducted      through next 5 days

Texas Brine Facility Vent Well to Top of Aquifer (RW 1 on Oxy 2 well pad) –

  • Flaring gas at 30.1 mcf/day

Texas Brine Facility Vent Well to Top of Cap Rock (RW 2 on Oxy 2 well pad) –

  • Shut in pending plug and abandon

Texas Brine Facility Geophone Well (Between Oxy 2 & original Oxy 3 well pads) –

Texas Brine Facility Shallow Pressure Monitoring (TBC 1-3)

TBC 1 (Original Oxy 3 well pad)

  • Monitoring pressure

TBC 2 (Original Oxy 3 well pad)

  • Monitoring pressure 

TBC 3 (Oxy 1 well pad)

  • Monitoring pressure 

Sinkhole Site –

  • Observing conditions 

Conservation/Shaw Operations 

ORW 1 Vent Well (North of Hwy 70)–

  • Flaring gas at 10.73 mcf/day 

ORW 2 Vent Well (North of Hwy 70)

  • Flaring gas at 11.93 mcf/day 

ORW 3 Vent Well (West of Bayou Corne) –

  • Remains in monitoring status, set up to vent/flare      natural gas if concentrations are observed around wellbore 

ORW 4 Vent Well (South of Hwy 70) –

  • Continuing work to clear perforations that have sanded      in in order to restore natural gas flow for flaring 

Bayou Corne Community 

Bayou Corne Community Aquifer Monitoring Wells (BC 1-2)       

BC 1

  • Texas Brine reports awaiting landowner access to reach proposed site 

BC 2

  • Installed and completed, ongoing regular monitoring of pressure 

Other Actions in Near-Term on Office of Conservation Directives 

In status updates to Office of Conservation, Texas Brine reports: 

  • Order placed for indoor air monitoring equipment (LEL and H2S monitors and network components) for Bayou Corne community structures; based on signed owner agreements, initial monitors to be installed on Jan. 16 
  • Seeking land access for installation of ORW-6 vent well near Bayou Corne community south of Hwy. 70, pre-ordering well materials 
  • Installation of ORW-12 vent well (on Texas Brine facility near TBC 1 and 2) scheduled to begin once weather permits 
  • Received access approval to improve road and build site for Geophone 02 deep geotechnical well (proposed site near well access road east of sinkhole), and received permission to being constructing well site from state Office of Coastal Management and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, mobilization to begin for site construction once weather permits
  • Vibroseismic work currently scheduled for 3rd week of January, utilizing truck-mounted vibration generator in conjunction with surface seismic stations, Texas Brine facility geophone well and USGS monitoring stations 
  • Preparing joint coastal use application on sinkhole containment design for state Office of Coastal Management and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers