3:20 p.m. Office of Conservation Field Update

Office of Conservation
Bayou Corne Field Update
Nov. 25, 2012 Activities

Texas Brine Facility

Oxy 3-A Cavern Well –

· Shut in to build pressure

Vent Well to Top of Aquifer –

· Shut in, awaiting adjustment to improve flaring efficiency

Vent Well to Top of Cap Rock –

· Shut in pending plug and abandon operations

Sinkhole Site –

· No cleanup operations today

Conservation/Shaw Operations

Observation/Vent Well #1 –

· Casing perforated in preparation for flaring operations – monitoring pressures to determine impacts of nearby flaring of Observation/Vent Well #2

Observation/Vent Well #2 –

· Flaring gas at 42 mcf/day

Observation/Vent Well #3 –

· Preparing well to begin flaring operations

Observation/Vent Well #4 –

· Shut in, making adjustments to improve flaring efficiency

Bayou Corne Community

· Participating in ongoing in-home monitoring effort with DEQ