8:45 a.m. Update

Texas Brine advises that clean up continues at the sinkhole.

We are expecting the LA State Police helicopter for a flyover this afternoon. We will post a video as soon as that is complete.

The Shaw Group will be logging vent well #1 today to see exactly how much gas is present.

There was a short period of time that Highway 70 was closed this morning while a flare was checked at Crosstex. The flare was quite large; however, we have been advised that it was within normal operations. The road was closed as a safety measure to verify that it was actaully a flare and not a fire on Crosstex property.

Geoprobes have been placed on 2 individual private properties in Grand Bayou. Data from these geoprobes is not available yet.

A 25′ section of pipeline (from Acadian Gas’ pipeline) floated to the surface on yesterday on the edge of the pipeline right-0f-way. The pipeline was emptied previously which made it become bouyant and since the sinkhole occurred there is no earthen cover to keep the pipeline submerged. The risks associated with this incident is for workers in the sinkhole – that they don’t run into/over the floating pipe. Safety measures are being taken at the site to avoid the risk. Pictures of the floating pipe are being uploaded to our Flickr site, http://www.flickr.com/photos/assumptionoep this morning.

YouTube was awfully slow yesterday and the resident briefing videos are being added as the site allows. Hopefully, all videos will be uploaded later this morning.