9:45 a.m. Update

An abundant amount of information was presented at last night’s briefing. DNR released a press article regarding this information which can be found in the previous blog post.  Videos of the briefing will be posted during the day, today. Below are a few bulleted pieces of info that was disseminated.

  • Hydrocarbon from the failed Texas Brine cavern and samples taken from the sinkhole strongly indicate that both are naturally occuring crude oil (not diesel) and likely coming from same underground source
  • Analysis of the failed cavern and the sinkhole are ongoing
  • Flaring of the vent wells on Highway 70 are expected to begin flaring on Friday
  • Results of Isotopic samples taken from bubbling discovered on private property on Bayou Drive in Pierre Part have been determined to be swamp gas and not natural gas. Results show that the bubbling is not associated with this incident

Clean up has resumed at the sinkhole and currently, vegetative debris is being removed.

Updating of the website, http://assumptionla.com/bayoucorne, will be taking place over the next couple days. If there is information that you are trying to access and it’s not available (due to maintenance), please email me ASAP, erinwatson@assumptionla.com.