11:15 a.m. Update

The resident briefing originally scheduled for tomorrow HAS BEEN CHANGED to Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. at the command post in Bayou Corne. A phone notification will be sent to residents today as a reminder. If residents are able to communicate with neighbors who do not have internet access, we encourage you to spread the word as well.

An updated situation summary has been posted at http://assumptionla.com/bayoucorne/gohsep. Please note in Slide 13, it is documented that the Fingerprint analysis of cavern hydrocarbon collected 23 Sep 2012 (shortly after the cavern was entered) is expected next week.

Testing continues at the well site and clean up continues at the sinkhole site.

Shaw is moving forward with the installation of the observation wells on Dugas & LeBlanc property located just off of Highway 70, as you can see as you travel through the area. Different activities will be observed as they progress and work continues on schedule.

Any questions or comments regarding evacuee assistance funds from Texas Brine can be directed to a hotline that they established for this specific concern, 1-877-281-7311.