9:00 a.m. Morning Update

Overnight, there was a 30’ x 50’ slough in on the SE side of the sinkhole (towards Texas Brine). The slough in took many trees and part of the road that was built to park excavators on to resume cleanup activities. This area has never sloughed in before as opposed to previous slough-ins that have taken place in the same spots along the embankment of the sinkhole.

Tests continue to be run in the cavern. Once any results are available, they will be shared.

A bubbling spot was observed on Bayou Drive in Pierre Part. DEQ will take samples today that will determine if this bubbling is natural gas or “swamp gas”. Monitoring was done by OEP and there were no harmful risks detected.

We will hold a resident briefing this Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. The location is tentatively set for here at the command post; however, the weather forecast may force us to move indoors. We will advise you with details closer to Saturday through blog posts and a notification phone call.