11:00 a.m. Current Activities @ Drilling Site

Update from Texas Brine:

They have shut in and ceased the flaring operations at the drill site to pull the drill stem out of the hole. Due to pressure, they expect that to take until late this afternoon (dark) to complete. After that is complete, they will begin caliper logging (wireline surveying*) of formation salt as well as cement bond inside the casing. If these activities go according to schedule, they will then enter with a sonar tool to begin the first tests required of the cavern. At this time, it is not know if the cavern has been compromised – these tests will provide initial data to determine the integrity of the cavern.

*What is wireline surveying?
Wireline surveys determine physical properties in and beyond the wall of a borehole by devices attached to a cable, or wireline. Subsurface geologic conditions and engineering characteristics can be derived directly or indirectly from the wide variety of measurable properties available by wireline surveying.