11:15 a.m. Update

Texas Brine reported a slough-in of approximately 200’ of embankment at the sinkhole yesterday evening. A video (taken this morning) has been posted on http://www.youtube.com/user/assumptionla, the area of that slough in can be seen right at the 1:00 spot. According to Texas Brine, the snubbing rig will start drilling today. They have advised that this drilling will not be a 24-hour operation due to safety factors in using this type of rig.

Entry into the cavern can take place as early as tomorrow; however, more likely by Friday evening. Please be advised that risk factors regarding cavern entry are not heightened. Residents have requested since the onset of this operation that they be notified 48 hours in advance of entry. Notifications and press releases were disseminated in honor to fulfill this request and inform all of up-to-date operations, here in Bayou Corne.  

We encourage all residents affected to contact the OEP office at 985-369-7386 or stop by the command post in Bayou Corne with any questions or concerns. GOHSEP’s email address that was established specific to this event, askgohsep@la.gov, is still active and you are welcome to submit any questions through that venue, as well.