9:30 a.m. Morning Update

Contrary to reports we’ve been questioned about from residents, the mandatory evacuation remains and a forced evacuation is not being called at this time. Conditions remain the same and have not changed to heighten the alert; however, should conditions change this order can be changed at any time.

As reported previously, the rigs are being changed out so that the final phase of drilling can begin. Once we receive notice from Texas Brine that they have a set time frame on when the cavern will be entered, we will give a 48-hour notice. The notice will be disseminated via this blog, official press release, and the emergency notification system (phone calls to residents in evacuation area).

As stated on yesterday, DNR has ordered all companies with active industry on the salt dome (Texas Brine, Chevron, Cross Tex, Dow, Pro Mix, Acadian, and PB Energy) to investigate for the presence of natural gas and ordered to vent any gas found. Each company was required to submit their plans regarding this order to DNR. Parish officials and state agencies will review and discuss these plans this afternoon at the industry meeting. The parish should also be receiving engineered plans from DNR for the vent wells that will be placed within the community sometime this week.