5:20 p.m. Evening Update

The Assumption Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness and the Unified Command Group have not called for a public meeting this week. It has been brought to our attention that a meeting planned by citizens has been called for on Thursday. No formal notice of this meeting was issued to parish and state officials prior to information being released to the media. The preparation time needed for professional and up-to-date data to be presented and distributed requires 72 hours, minimum. We have been advised by Texas Brine that entry into Oxy Cavern #3 could take place on Thursday at the earliest; however, more likely by Friday evening. It would be inappropriate to hold a meeting on Thursday, 9/20/12, as the focus and resources of all responding agencies are on Texas Brine entering the cavern. For the safety of the residents, workers, and all concerned citizens, the Unified Command Group feels that this operation continues to be the main objective. More information will become available once the cavern has been entered and tests on the cavern, established by the scientific group, have been performed and hopefully will provide answers to the questions the residents have asked from the beginning of this event.

The Unified Command Group will continue providing information through blogs posts and press releases as it becomes available. They have also committed to schedule a date in the near future once results from tests conducted after cavern entry and further information is available. In addition, the science group continues to meet and provide oversight to the operation and provide support to the Unified Command Group.

Any local residents requesting information are encouraged to call the Assumption OEP at 985-369-7386 or visit the command post in Bayou Corne where you can be briefed on the latest updates and information specific to daily operations.