11:00 a.m. Sunday Update

New video footage taken of the sinkhole site has been posted to: http://www.youtube.com/user/assumptionla

Drilling of the sonic rig that encountered gas at 90’ on Friday was stopped and plugged with cement and grout as they were unable to put in the water well due to the inability to control the gas pushing mud and water to the surface. DNR hired The Shaw Group engineers to redesign a well that can be placed for venting operations. The geo-probe rigs for observation continue to be placed at lower depths to check for the presence of gas. They’re currently working on the Dugas & LeBlanc property, north of LA-70 and two geo-probe wells have been placed on Triche property. DNR is currently looking for locations as well as willing individual property owners to place additional geo-probe observation wells.

The drilling rig is being dismantled and moved out today and will be replaced with the snubbing rig as we advised earlier this week. No road closures are anticipated; however, travelers may encur intermittent traffic congestion as equipment is being moved.