9:30 DNR Observation Wells Update

Two different contractors have been hired by DNR to drill observation wells into the aquifer in 5-6 locations. One location is a typical water well that will be drilled on Dugas & LeBlanc property located between the sinkhole and the Bayou Corne community. The remaining well locations are currently being negotiated with property owners. Those wells are called “geo probe wells” which is casing driven with a hammered rig into the aquifer. The objective of these rigs is to identify if any free gas is located in the aquifer and to determine a resolution which could include (but not be limited to) venting and observation. We will update with a map as soon as locations and wells have been determined. This activity may start as early as tomorrow and will continue for approximately the next week or so. Residents may hear something similar to the sound of a jackhammer caused by drilling operations.