12 noon, Message from the Assumption Parish Waterworks

Dear Assumption Parish Residents,

It has been brought to our attention that many of you may have concerns regarding the quality and integrity of Assumption Parish Waterworks District # 1’s (APWW) water system in the midst of the on-going issues with the gas bubbles and the sink hole. You have every right to feel that way. This is an unprecedented event that is occurring in our Parish, so the fear many of you feel is shared by us. However, this letter is being written to give facts regarding our water system and hopefully dispel some of the false rumors that are being circulated about APWW. 

APWW is a surface water treatment facility. This means that we obtain our source water from the Mississippi River via Bayou Lafourche. Our water does not come from an underground water source nor does our water come for Bayou Corne or Lake Verret. We have two raw water intake structures that sit on Bayou Lafourche. Water is pumped into to plant from one or both of these structures, depending on the water demand.

We do have two transmission lines that run along Highway 70 around the area of the sink hole. We are in constant communication with the Office of Emergency Preparedness OEP) and we have a plan in place in the event something happens to those transmission lines. We have prepared our plan to include the worst case scenario given to us by the OEP office. To date, the water lines in and around the area of the sink hole have not been comprised.

Thank you all for your concern and understanding during these uncertain times.

B.J. Francis, Jr.
General Manager

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