9:15 a.m. Morning Update

Based on recent revelations that NORM (naturally occurring radioactive material) was injected into the cavern, the parish has requested DEQ to immediately begin monitoring the atmosphere and sinkhole for NORM. The OEP has also requested that previously pulled samples be tested for NORM as well.

Additionally, if you observe any abnormal activity such as bubbling, sinking, holes, etc… you can report this to OEP on the form that is linked below or by visiting the command post in Bayou Corne and filling a form out. The OEP will be forwarding all abnormal activity to DNR & DEQ immediately.

Click here to access the Abnormal Activity Report form. Forms may be completed and faxed to 985-369-7341, annemarsh@assumptionoep.com. If you don’t have access to fax or email, stop by the command post.

Click here to access the article published in the Morning Advocate, today.